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Sentier New Brunswick Trails Survey


We are conducting a survey for the Sentier NB Trail Council Inc. to better 
understand trail use and make appropriate investments for future enjoyment of trails.
Information remains anonymous and confidential. If you have any questions about this 
survey, please email or call (506) 939-2261.


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- Location -
What trail are you on today?
Where are you from? Country:
Canadian province:
US state:
What is your postal / zip code?
How many kilometres did you travel from your residence to reach the trail?
- Travel Party -
(Respondent gender) Are you:
Including yourself, how many people are in your travel party? (Include only those for whom you can report spending estimates)
Including yourself, how many travel party members on the trail are in the following age categories (select an age group then enter number)?
- Trip -
Is this an overnight trip (return trip from/to your permanent residence)?
How many days of your trip are in this province?
How many days is your trip in total?
What is the main purpose of your trip?
What is the main purpose of your trip?
Did you plan to visit this trail:
How did you first hear about the trail?
- Trail Use -
How are you travelling on the trail today?
How long do you plan to be on the trail?
Will you exit the trail at the same location as where you started?
Did you visit this trail in the past 12 months?
How many times (estimate only)?
Did you visit any other trails in the past 12 months?
- Spending -
What is the total party (as in question 4) spending estimate for this trip (from start at your permanent residence until you return there - all cash/credit transactions including taxes for transport, accomodation, food, entertainment, gifts and other merchandise, even if paid for by someone else)?
Please distribute total trip spending from previous question in each of the following categories (use amounts or percentages):
Transportation (fuel, rentals, plane, bus, train, boat, taxi)
Food and beverage
Recreation and entertainment
Other (shopping, gifts, etc)
What spending will take place in this province (estimate percentage)? 
- Preferences -
Please indicate your level of preference for each trail surface (1=not at all satisfied, 10=fully satisfied):
Coarse gravel
Fine gravel
Indicate your response if motorized vehicles (ATVs, motorbikes) were allowed on this trail?
Please indicate your level of satisfaction with your trail experience today (1=not at all satisfied, 10=fully satisfied):
Level of satisfaction
In your view, do any of the following need improvement:
In addition to your trail visit, are you also interested in the following (check any that apply):
To enter the prize draw, please provide your contact information below. This information will be kept separate from your responses to maintain confidentiality.